A Level Exam Dates 2024 | A Level Exam Timetable

The A Level Exams 2024 are set to start on May 16th and finish on June 21st. In this blog, we will outline A Level Exam Dates 2024 for some of the most popular subjects in the AQA exam board. However, keep one thing in mind similar to GCSE exam dates 2024, some of these dates may be subject to change.

A Level Exam Dates 2024


Exam Dates
English Language 23rd May (PM)
7th June (AM)
English Literature 24th May (AM)
5th June (AM)
French 10th June (AM)
19th June (AM)
Geography 16th May (AM)
3rd June (AM)
German 3rd June (AM)
12th June (AM)
History 23rd May (AM)
7th June (PM)
Mathematics 4th June (PM)

11th June (PM)

20th June (PM)

Media Studies 20th May (PM)
4th June (PM)
Music 10th June (PM)
Biology 5th June (PM)
14th June (AM)19th June (AM)
Chemistry 10th June (AM)
18th June (AM)21st June (AM)
Physics 24th May (AM)

6th June (AM)

17th June (AM)

Politics 21st May (PM)

5th June (PM)

14th June (AM)

Psychology 17th May (AM)

22nd May (AM)

3rd June (PM)

Religious Studies 10th June (AM)

17th June (PM)

Sociology 20th May (AM)

4th June (AM)

11th June (PM)

Spanish 7th June (AM)

17th June (AM)


 Start Revision According to A Level Exam Timetable

Although it may be tempting to delay exam revision until a couple of weeks before your exams, starting earlier can significantly reduce your stress levels. The most effective approach to creating a study schedule for yourself is by seeking help from a tutor. If you are worried about your A Level Biology exam, you can receive help from an A Level Biology Tutor at Bright Mind Tutors. By studying a little bit each week, you can ensure that you cover all the necessary topics before your exams. This method also helps you identify areas where you may be struggling and where you need to focus your revision efforts.

How to Revise for A Level Exam?

There are various methods for revision according to A Level Exam Dates 2024, and no single approach suits everyone. Each of us has unique learning styles, so what works for one person may not work for another. It’s beneficial to experiment with a mix of techniques initially to determine which ones suit you best. Here are some of the methods you can try for your revision

Repetition and Memorization: This means repeating the things you need to learn, like reading or writing them multiple times or saying them out loud to yourself. It’s useful for learning vocabulary in language classes or memorizing formulas for math or physics.

Flashcards: Another great way to learn is using flashcards for formulas in math, dates in history, or language vocabulary. You can make them ahead of time and carry them in your bag. If you have free time, you can quickly review them for effective study.

Past Papers: Practicing past exam papers is one of the most effective study methods. You can usually find past papers from Bright Mind Tutors to practice from them for your A Level Exam. They give you an idea of the exam structure and possible topics. It’s best to practice these exams under timed conditions to learn how you’ll perform in the real exam and where to focus your efforts. Reviewing past papers also helps you identify mistakes, so you can revise those topics again.


If you are looking for revision for A Level Exam 2024, then you can seek help from tutors at Bright Mind Tutors. Additionally, you can book a free trial with us.

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